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Eleanora Morrison - The Roxie
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The Roxie Overcoat

Our premium overcoats are made from a high quality blend of heavy wool and angora rabbit hair to protect you from the elements. Traditionally worn over your suit coat, these coats offer durability and warmth while maintaining a professional and sophisticated look. Customize yours to your desired length. Our most popular coats are made to be mid-thigh, knee length, or calf length.

"My mom has inspired all of my professional endeavors."


Cavani Overcoating

90% Wool, 10% Angora

580 grams

Imported from Italy

Overcoat: $850

Eleanora Morrison San Antonio Texas cust

"Roxie was my mother's nickname when she was living in New York when she was in her twenties." 

Eleanora Morrison CEO SHE Media magazine
Eleanora Morrison custom women's camel o
Eleanora Morrison custom camel overcoat

"Her love of fantasy she expressed in making our living spaces wonderlands for celebrations and holidays... that was story telling."

Eleanora Morrison San Antonio camel long

"My mom used to over-the top transform our home for every celebration and holiday. I didn't think much of it at the time, but now I realize how it completely effected my work today."

"It translated to me now, and our team, and what we do every month with creating these very special wonderlands in our digital magazine." 

"She put so much effort into creating these worlds for us, selflessly, and it's just something that I appreciate now, more than ever, because it completely shaped my view of the world."

Ellie Morrison long camel overcoat custo
Eleanora Morrison San Antonio CEO SHE Me

"Now, as an adult myself, I realize the beauty of the imprint that left on all of us as their legacy." 

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