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custom blue three piece suit raleigh north carolina.jpg


Fall/Winter 2023

Celebrate our newest location in Raleigh, North Carolina through our latest Fall/Winter 2023 campaign featuring owner Steven Gonzales.

Our Fall/Winter collection features custom-tailored clothes against the backdrop of Raleigh's modern downtown architecture and lush landscapes.


Classic pieces where modern and traditional tailoring meet.

custom light blue suit 100% wool raleigh.jpg
custom tuxedo raleigh north carolina.jpg


Enduring looks featuring high quality fabrics and craftsmanship to last a lifetime.

Key pieces from professional to evening wear and overcoats.

R raleigh limatus bespoke custom clothing.jpg

Perennial Light Gray Tweed Overcoat $999

raleigh fashion campaign suiting custom clothing.jpg

The Dillon Sky Blue Suit $999

custom white tuxedo raleigh north carolina.jpg

The Grove White Suit $1250

custom bespoke suiting raleigh north carolina.jpg

Skyline Plaid Gray 3 Piece Suit $1565

custom velvet dinner jacket raleigh.jpg

Union Station Velvet Jacket $850

custom navy blue suit raleigh.jpg

Midnight in Raleigh Navy Suit $999

bespoke tailored 3 piece suit raleigh.jpg

Blake Street 3 Piece Suit $1565


Every piece Limatus Bespoke makes is customized to your body and fit preference. Want a wider leg pant or different color fabric? No problem.


Our designers work with you to create the look you want. We take over 20 body and posture measurements and review all customizations. 

custom blue overcoat raleigh north carolina limatus bespoke.jpg

City Market Blue Overcoat $999


All our clothing is 100% customizable, from the embroidery in your jacket to the thread on your buttons.


Step into our world of bespoke tailoring.


Book an appointment to see what The Bespoke Experience is all about.

raleigh fall/winter 2023 collection limatus bespoke.jpg


Fall/Winter 2023


Order pieces from the Limatus Bespoke RALEIGH collection online or book an appointment and visit us in our showrooms.

Online ordering can be done with your custom pattern if you are a current Limatus Bespoke client only.

bespoke light blue susit custom clothing raleigh north carolina.jpg

The Dillon Sky Blue Suit


custom 3 piece tailored navy suit raleigh .jpg

Blake Street Jacket


custom 3 piece tailored navy suit raleigh .jpg

Blake Street 3 Piece Suit 


midnight in raleigh navy blue custom tailored suit.jpg

Midnight in Raleigh Suit


royal blue wool overcoat custom bespoke raleigh san antonio.jpg

City Market Blue Flannel Overcoat


custom white wedding tuxedo raleigh .jpg

The Grove White Suit


custom gray flannet overcoat raleigh san antonio.jpg

Perennial Light Gray Tweed Overcoat


gray velvet dinner jacket bespoke tailor raleigh san antonio limatus bespoke.jpg

Union Station Velvet Jacket


custom 3 piece bespoke wedding suit raleigh.jpg

Skyline Plaid Gray 3 Piece Suit 


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