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The X Creative White Tuxedo Jacket features a Dormeuil white fabric with a Loro Piana satin wide peaked lapel. The X Creative White Pants feature a Dormeuil white fabric with wide leg fit and wide outseam.

84% Worsted Wool, 10% Silk, 6% Cashmere


Dormeuil suiting fabrics have earned a reputation of distinction through cutting edge and innovative techniques. Only the best raw materials, such as mohair from the Scottish Highlands, luxury wools & cashmeres are turned into covetable fabrics ready for tailoring.


Each Limatus Bespoke piece is customized to your size and preference. This includes any type of fit (oversized, fitted, traditional, flare, wide leg, skinny, etc.) and fabric. You can select different buttons, thread color, lapel style, and more. Each purchase includes an appointment, most customizations and a personalized embroidery on jackets.

  • During an in-person appointment, you select your options and we take body measurements to make your clothes fit exactly the way you want.  When your clothes arrive 4-6 weeks later, we will do a fitting and make any final alterations (included in price).
  • During a virtual appointment, you select your options and a partner measures your body. We ship your clothes when they arrive 4-6 weeks later and do a virtual fitting. Any final alterations can be taken to your local tailor and Limatus will reimburse the adjustments up to 10% of the purchase price (reciept from tailor required).

X Creative Dormeuil Tuxedo

  • We are able to reorder if there is an issue within 30 days of your first fitting at no cost. We include the first round of alterations to make your clothes fit exactly as you wish. If you are not happy with your purchase after alterations, refunds can be given up to 30 days after receipt of clothing with a 30% restocking fee.

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