The Woodworker

Every piece has a story.

We design every suit with elements inspired by each person and their craft.

Derek X. Aguilar,


Clothing details:

Burgundy stretch suit: $850

Pale blue dress shirt: $120

Embroidered shirt cuff

Lavender button highlights


Grid lining

Sleek slim fit

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Derek is the owner and maker at X-Managed, a workshop where he crafts his client's dreams into reality. Using technologically advanced tools, Derek scans rooms and imports his work into 3-D renderings for his clients to visualize their concept. Some of his work includes kitchen tables, shelving, custom closets, signage for San Antonio Threads and an oversized replica shoe box of Adidas' Yeezy Boost 350.

X-Managed Limatus Bespoke Custom suit cl

Limited edition item:

Limatus Makers Closet - $1,700

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X-Managed Limatus Bespoke Custom suit cl

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