The Metalsmith

Every piece has a story.

We design every suit with elements inspired by each person and their craft.

Priscilla Martinez,


Clothing details:

Jacket and short suit: $650

White dress shirt: $120

Paisley shawl lapel

One button workable cuff


Paisley swirls

Jewel tone

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Priscilla is the owner, head designer, and maker at Joyarte, a high-end jewelry couture brand. Priscilla's one-of-a-kind pieces are influenced by her love of dance, music and choreography. Some of her work has been featured on the red carpet at the Oscar's, Fashion Week in New York, Boston, Seattle, and San Antonio, and Project Runway: Under the Gunn. Priscilla is currently nominated for San Antonio's Fashion Awards Jewelry/Accessories of the Year award and has won the Rising Star award.

Limited edition items:

Limatus Bib Necklace - $2,100

Limatus Cufflinks - $1,100

Limatus Bangle - $900

Limatus Ring - $750

Limatus Collar Bar - $1,100

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