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The Leatherworker

Every piece has a story.

We design every suit with elements inspired by each person and their craft.


Phillip Kimm,

WestEast Armory

Clothing Details:

Royal blue wool suit: $850

Check dress shirt: $120

Leather storm tab

Leather pocket flaps

PHILLIP KIMM custom blue suit san antoni


Leather accents 

Check patterned cutting mat

Phillip Kimm westeast armory leatherwork
Phillip Kimm WestEast Armory leatherwork

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Phillip Kimm Limatus Bespoke Custom Men'
Phillip Kimm Limatus Bespoke Custom Men'
PHILLIP KIMM WestEast Armory custom blue

Limited edition items:

Museum Calf Coat Wallet, Emerald Green - $350

Museum Calf Coat Wallet, Light Brown - $350

Museum Calf Coat Wallet, Navy Blue - $350

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Phillip is the owner and maker at WestEast Armory, a collaborative workshop where he produces his handmade leather goods. Phillip uses traditional techniques and merges a mix of modern and vintage tools when crafting his unique custom leatherwork. His exclusive pieces range from bags and belts to rifle cases and knife sheaths. Phillip has collaborated with several local spots like La Casa Frida, Traveler's Barbershop, Gray Moon Vintage, and High Street Wine. His goods have been sold in over 9 countries around the world.

Phillip Kimm Royal Blue made to measure
WestEast Armory x Limatus Bespoke custom

Limited edition items:

Museum Calf Keychain, Emerald Green - $10

Museum Calf Keychain, Light Brown - $10

Museum Calf Keychain, Navy Blue - $10

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WestEast Armory x Limatus Bespoke custom
ALEXANDER HILMY Limatus Bespoke custom v

The Strategist

Alexander Hilmy

RICHARD TOBIN HILMY custom mens black su

The Art Director

Richard Tobin

Paul Martin Art San Antonio custom suit.

The Conceptualist

Paul Martin

NANCY PINA Limatus Bespoke made-to-measu
DEREK X. AGUILAR X-Managed burgundy mens

The Woodworker

Derek X. Aguilar

SARAH SAUER Guten Co. forest green made

The Ceramicist

Sarah Sauer

PRISCILLA MARTINEZ Joyarte custom short

The Metalsmith

Priscilla Martinez

The Tailor

Nancy Piña

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