The Conceptualist

Every piece has a story.

We design every suit with elements inspired by each person and their craft.

Paul Martin,

Paul Martin Art and Design

Clothing details:

Jacket and pants: $1000

Vest: $250

White dress shirt: $120

Forest green button highlights


Colors used in artwork

Splatter pattern in fabric

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Paul is a visual and literary artist and polymath focusing on abstract expressions. His current work explores his knowledge of physics and color theory through psychic automatism. A lover of creativity, knowledge, and curiosity in all its forms, Paul's interests range from managing investment portfolios, inventing medical devices, seeking political office, and serving on 14 non-profit boards.

Limited edition items:

Pocket Square Universes, Blue - $1,000

Pocket Square Universes, Red - $1,000

Both - $1,800

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