The Art Director

Every piece has a story.

We design every suit with elements inspired by each person and their craft.

Richard Tobin,


Clothing Details:

Black Tessilstrona stretch suit: $1,300

Smoke dress shirt: $120

Gradient button highlights

Workable cuffs


Black colored logo

Sleek business card

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Campaign identity:

Makers & Creators logo

Richard is a partner and art director at HILMY, a branding and strategy firm specializing in designing strategic identity systems. His creative efforts have impacted some of San Antonio's most influential hot spots, businesses, and developments. Some examples of his work includes Battalion, the Frost Tower, Jazz, TX, San Antonio River Foundation, the Burns Building, and the new Oxbow building on Broadway.

The Strategist

Alexander Hilmy

The Leatherworker

Phillip Kimm

The Conceptualist

Paul Martin

The Woodworker

Derek X. Aguilar

The Ceramicist

Sarah Sauer

The Metalsmith

Priscilla Martinez

The Tailor

Nancy Piña

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