La Doña

Look Details:

Cavani fabric

Double breasted vest dress

Peak lapel

Flared pants

Vest Dress: $275

Pants: $330

Compassionate Loving Vigilant Caring Thoughtful Kind Attentive  Matriarch  Instructor Compassionate Loving Vigilant Caring Thoughtful Kind Attentive  Matriarch  Loving Vigilant Caring Thoughtful Kind Attentive  Matriarch  

"The folks at Limatus were incredibly easy to work with. From start to finish, I was guided through which styles, colors, and fabrics would work best for me. They were patient with our children and their choices and treated them well throughout the process. Watching them work with our kids and making the process fun for them was just incredible!"

"Cristin truly is the backbone of La Familia.  Taking care of the Boatright family is no easy task, but she does it with style and grace!  Without a doubt, Cristin wears the pants in the family and looks good while doing it!  Besides working full-time and raising two boys, you can find Cristin traveling, enjoying live music, exploring the outdoors, and sometimes enjoying a nice adult beverage!"

- Husband Joey Boatright

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