"Gayle McCrystal is both a

mentor and a friend.

Classic Gayle Black Suit

Our Cavani fabric is made of 100% worsted wool. Its medium weight offers comfortable year round wear and resistance to wrinkles. Comfortable, elegant, and optimal for any season or climate, Cavani is an excellent choice for a foundational wardrobe piece.  


Cavani Fabric

100% Wool 

265 grams

Imported from Italy

Jacket: $760

Pants: $330

Dress Shirt: $160

"My relationship with Gayle really revolved around the work we did together in the non-profit arena."

"We got to know each other and work through different facets of problem solving on the board."

"One day, Gayle called me and said, 'Dawn, one of our board members is interested in hiring a business development person.'"

"Gayle and I didn't realize, at the time, that this two year gig would actually become a ten year platform that would provide me an opportunity to not only double the profit at the firm that I joined, but also to earn a seat at the table of the top corporate and civic leaders in Cleveland."

"A lot of the decisions that I make are given from tools that she helped me develop over the years."

"Because of what she's done for me, I have made it one of my personal missions to be a mentor to women who are on the path to making their own mark."  


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